Public Documents

Our monthly Board of Trustees minutes and our Annual Reports For Public And Association Libraries can be found below.

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Agenda-2021.10.12 (opens in new tab)

Minutes-2021.09 (opens new tab)

Agenda-2021.09.14 (opens in new tab)

Minutes-2021.08 (opens

Agenda-2021.08.10 (opens in new tab)

Minutes-2021.06 (opens new tab)

Agenda-2021.06.08 (opens in new tab)

Minutes-2021.05 (opens new tab)

Agenda-2021.05.11 (opens in new tab)

Minutes-2021.04 (opens new tab)

Agenda-2021.04.13 (opens in new tab)

Minutes-2021.03 (opens new tab)

Agenda-2021.03.09 (opens new tab)

Minutes-2021.02 (opens new tab)

Agenda-2021.02.16 (opens new tab)

Minutes-2021.01 (opens new tab)

Agenda-2021.01.12 (opens new tab)

Minutes-2020.11 (opens new tab)

Agenda-2020.11.10 (opens new tab)

Minutes-2020.10 (opens new tab)

Agenda-2020.10.13 (opens new tab)

Minutes-2020.09 (opens new tab)

Minutes-2020.08 (opens new tab)

Agenda-2020.07.28 (Special Meeting) (opens new tab)

Minutes-2020.06 (opens new tab)

Agenda-2020.06.09 (opens in new tab)

Minutes-2020.05 (opens in new tab)

Minutes-2020.04.07 (Special meeting) (opens new tab)

Minutes-2020.02 (opens new tab)

Minutes-2020.03 (opens new tab)

Minutes-2020.01-corrected (opens new tab)

Audio Recordings of Virtual Board of Trustee Meetings

DSPML_Board_Meeting_20210608 (opens new tab)

DSPML_Board_Meeting_20210511 (opens new tab)

DSPML_Board_Meeting_20210413 (opens new tab)

DSPML_Board_Meeting_20210309 (opens new tab)

DSPML_Board_Meeting_20210216 (opens new tab)

DSPML_Board_Meeting_20210112 (opens new tab)

DSPML_Board_Meeting_20201013 (opens new tab)

DSPML_Board_Meeting_20200915 (opens new tab)

DSPML_Board_Meeting_20200811 (opens new tab)

DSPML_Special_Board_Meeting-Re-opening_Plan_Review_20200728 (opens new tab)

DSPML_Board_Meeting_20200714 (opens new tab)

DSPML_Board_Meeting_20200616 (opens new tab)

DSPML_Board_Meeting_20200512 (opens new tab)

DSPML_Special_Board_Meeting-Director_Candidate_Decision_20200501-13.45 (opens new tab)

DSPML_Special_Board_Meeting_20200414 (opens new tab)

DSPML_Special_Board_Meeting_20200407 (opens new tab)

Annual Reports For Public And Association Libraries

DSPM-Annual-Report-YE-2020 (opens new tab)

DSPM-Annual-Report-YE-2019 (opens new tab)

DSPM-Annual-Report-YE-2018 (opens new tab)

DSPM-Annual-Report-YE-2017 (opens new tab)

DSPM-Annual-Report-YE-2016 (opens new tab)

Library Policies

DSPM PANDEMIC OPERATIONS PLAN (Final) 2021.04.019 (opens new tab)

Tax Levy Documents

Odessa-Montour School Tax Levy Proposition 2021-2022 (opens in new tab)

Odessa-Montour School Tax Levy Proposition 2020-2021 (opens in new tab)